Chicken Salad Sandwich - Easy, Hearty, Healthy!
Ingredients 1 cup grilled/roasted chicken breast -diced (You can also use rotisserie chicken leftover from previous meal) 3 tbsp mayonnaise 1 clove garlic- minced 2 tsp lemon juice 1 medium sized tomato -chopped 1 tbsp green onion -chopped 1 tbsp...
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Children's Clothing
Fostering creativity will help them develop mentally, socially and emotionally. Creating art may also jack up their competence in analyzing and problem-solving in myriad ways. So start them young dear parents! They’ll sure love the experience 😉#kenitkid #kenitArt #kenitkidlovesArt #kenitTheFreshmen  #kidsart #art #painting 
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