Unrolling The Yarn


Exclusively designed by a creative mother of five, our collection is an assembly of tasteful and timelessness style with lasting value fabrics. Making her kids as the biggest muse, our designer incorporates her passion for art, fashion and exciting beautiful things with what her kids love, want and willing to wear.


it’s easy to make a big statement despite the simple and effortless look cause we bring you only the finest of materials that ensure ultimate comfort. With us, elegance is key. It’s truly a luxury for all, your kids will definitely love it, thanks to you!

The Beautiful Comfort. Everyday, Everywhere

Bonnie by KENIT

Bonnie is ideal for everyday women, mothers, or not. From carefully selected materials to beautiful chic designs, it is made to provide women an array of fuss-free fashion yet stylish and relevant.

Bonnie combines sleek and simple silhouette together with durable natural fabrics namely linens, cotton, and rayons to better enhance the way women dress and carry their best selves all day long.

Each piece

is made complement to our kids’ collection so you can happily match your outfits with your little munchkins!

What Feels Good

Baba by KENIT

A casual dress code for men is perhaps men's best chance to express a true sense of personal style. Whether you prefer something sleek or rugged, upscale, or down-to-earth, men's casual wear is an open invitation to dress in what feels most comfortable to you.

As an honor to the father figures of our lives, be it dad, grandad, uncle, or brother, BABA will make sure these important heroes are not forgotten.

Cozy shirts and versatile

are some of the many designs we carry

Raya outfit planning

for the whole family is a breeze, now that we cater to each and every member of your clan

Family portrait?

checked! It’s time to have the most memorable and beautiful family time