7 Tips to Nurture Reading Habits in Your Kids

7 Tips to Nurture Reading Habits in Your Kids
1. Start reading to them from the earliest age.
Bedtime is perfect, but any other times are no exceptions. You can make board books and cloth books as one of their first toys, so they’ll be familiar with it. Bring the books along in your diaper bag, and at any time you or your kids need a break, or when cozy time arrives, read.

Reading to children and discussing the book as you read is the single best way to increase your child’s IQ and instill a love of reading. Make it a habit to read to them as often as possible.

2. One step at a time.
There’s no need to rush your kids to learn to read immediately. Remember the goal here is to nurture their love toward books; both pictures and stories. Pushing them to read word by word will make them feel put on the spot and possibly making them feel dumb. Now that’s a bad feeling that will last a long time in their life. So that's a big no.

3. Continue reading to them even when they already know how to read.
This will not only keep them interested, but it is also a very good exercise for both you and your kids to have meaningful conversations on choices and values. Their imagination will develop rapidly when you do this, and it can also boost their wittiness. Be patient though when they start asking questions ( I mean it’s non-stop, seriously 😅).

4. Keep it brief and simple.
What kids crave for are plots and characters, not long complicated words or sentences. Don't bore them with too many difficult phrases. Keep them fascinated with kids-related topics, books with pictures, games, or simple riddle or even rhymes and songs. From my personal experience, my kids LOVE books on animals, and history. Yes, history! Well not exactly on the WWII or how Napoleon invaded Russia, but pick any easy and understandable stories on famous characters, a scientist for example. Go give it a try.

5. Visit the library or go to bookstores.
Oh no? Oh YES! We all know how hard and challenging it is to control kids in these kind of places, no kidding. But by all means, you don't need to spend halfday there, not even a couple of hours. Just make it as a familiarization to them, so they get used to the environment and love the ambience.

6. Limit screen time.
In these fast technology era, there is a thin chance a book can compete with TV or computer. Given the choice, most kids just won't choose the book often enough to make it a habit. Before you know it, they'll have developed other habits for relaxing, and reading will just be someone else’s hobby.
That is why limiting screen usage until reading is well-established may be the most important thing you can do to encourage reading to your kids.

7. Monkey see monkey do.
Let’s face it, kids learn a lot from imitating the adults. If we really want them to have good habit, we parents must portray good habits too. So what are you waiting for moms and dads? Pick up that book and read!

Nurlaila Kamal
-Now reading (trying hard to finish) Tim Harford’s The Logic of Life. Wish me luck 😉