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empire dresS in jet black


RIANG Modern Mini Kurung Set in Midnight Bloom
KENIT Tasteful Comfy Everlasting
KENIT Thalia & PawanaKENIT Thalia & Pawana
casual 22/23

an ode to happiness

Unlock your heart to blissfulness.
Grant every pore to soak up the light.
Swim in the delight of the present,
And discard the gloominess of night.
Stroll in the shimmer of sunshine.
Wing on in the blueness of the sky.
Grasp the infinite likeliness.
Leave the shade of misery.
Sing like a happy bird.
Put on a smile all day long.
Have fun just a tad more.
Breathe calmly and profoundly and listen.
Bestow all your ideas a shot.
Let the sun beat down your edge,
And lay off your shoes and dance!


Baby's Kurta

Tiny fingers and tiny toes,
Bright eyes and cute nose,
Baby gurgles and baby sighs,
As Mom and Dad sing lullabies.
Life has changed, but that's okay,
It's fun to spend precious hours each day,
Taking time for all the good,
That comes along with parenthood.

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