5 Tips For Being A Calmer Parent

5 Tips For Being A Calmer Parent
These are five things you can do to be a calmer parent:

1. Recognize the anger
It is so normal for kids to act up their age. When anger gets the better of you, quickly recognize it and stop right there. Being mad is okay, but never prolong the anger cause it really doesn’t help things much and just turn everything uglier.

2. Listen, before you speak
Before making assumptions, let your kids explain themselves first. The end result may be a disaster to you, but their intentions usually aren't to drive you mad. Of course, you must then tell them why they shouldn't do it again - but listening to it from their perspective may help subside your anger, and also prevent your child from being even more rebellious.

3. Defer your reaction
We parents are no angels, we can't go from being angry to not being angry in just a few minutes. Take a deep breath, go to another room if you must. Just don't react in anger. Assess the behavior, and decide how you want to respond. Make this a habit and you’ll gradually learn to be calmer. Just remember to set rules and limits that can't be crossed and how you want your children to deal with the consequences.

4. Talk through your feelings
Discussing your feelings; angry, sad, overwhelmed or happy with the kids is totally fine. Handle it in an age-appropriate way, of course. This is the time to make it clear when something wasn't acceptable and to teach them on apology and forgiveness.

5. Take time out for yourself
Some days are harder than others, and that's exactly when you should take a small break from the routine and just calm down and relax. Whenever possible reach out for an extra hand or a little help. You may even want to change the routine a bit to make yourself feel better. Whatever you do, don't lose focus on your well-being too!

Keep calm, mommy on!
Love, KENITmom 😘

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