6 Reasons Why Play-Doh is Good For Your Kids

6 Reasons Why Play-Doh is Good For Your Kids
Play-Doh. One of the most popular and sort after products in the history of toys. So what contribute to its fame and why kids (and parents too) love it so much? There must be some kind of magic that come alongside the fun experience Play-Doh has been offering the world.

Being a clean-freak parent is hard enough, and letting the kids get ‘crazy’ with the dough is no joke at all. From the tiny-weeny pieces on the floor, to the hardened pieces stuck on the carpets, socks, and whatnots, Play-Doh could be a real enemy to us parents. But weighing the joy and benefits the kids are getting while playing with them, I chose to let it slide (sometimes not, haha!).

From my personal point of view and what I’ve seen in my humble 9 years of being a parent, here are 6 reason why Play-Doh is good for your kids:

1. Enhancing fine motor skills.
This is the time when you can see they use their muscles a lot. You know- to roll, flatten, chop, cut, poke, squash, pinch, cut, pound, and manipulate! They’ll learn to synchronize their hands and fingers, and eyes too.

2. Building creativity and imagination.
It’s obviously a play-time, so why limit the fun? Let them explore their artsy abilities. There are so many utensils, props or toys that can be useful when working the dough. You’ll be amazed on how much creativity your kids are showing at this point. I mean, really!

3. A good way to distract them.
You need some peace? A little moment of silence perhaps? Let them knead! It will keep them occupied and calm them down say after some siblings-war. Oh you know what i mean.
(P.s: Just make sure you have enough inventory for each one of them, or else...)

4. Creating a multi-sensory experience.
A set of different medias used with Play-Doh will help them explore more. A few examples are rocks, leaves, or even some scented liquid/perfume (that is to be done under adult supervision though). The key is to just try new things.

5. Generating social and language skills.
This is definitely a good exercise for both you and your kids to interact more. Explain to them what they’re making, how to make it, and also what are the do’s and don’ts. They can also learn how to communicate and share between siblings.

6. Increasing attention span.
This is good to allow your kids to practice focus and determination. You will see a lot of effort coming out from them to produce such amazing creation that they’ll be so proud to present to you.

So gather the kids up, and let them knead some dough!

Nurlaila Kamal