• KENIT - Zuleika Malik

    Zuleika Malik

    KENIT is definitely one of my fav kids brand. Opsss termatsalleh plak. Saya sangat menyukai KENIT kerana.. Quality kainnnye Sgt selesa

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  • KENIT - Aznoor Yusof

    Aznoor Yusof

    service tip top. Salah size pun dapat tukar size lagi. Budi bahasa pun tip top.

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  • KENIT - Anna Zac

    Anna Zac

    Fall in love with the comfiness, detailing, and trendy design of #kenitJUDE ❤️

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  • KENIT - Bella Hajr

    Bella Hajr

    ...love the material and looking foward to see next collection 😍

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