The Beginning

As fresh as the name itself, we present you with an array of relaxed, clean-cut designs, to introduce our fresh and humble beginning. Highlighting the plaids and checks patterns which are of classic and evergreen value, The FRESHMEN is a basic essential in every kid wardrobes.

Speaking of the inspiration for our very 1st debut, it is none other than the ever prominent icon of the Malaysian Film and Music Industry; Allahyarham Tan Sri P.Ramlee and the whole classic clan. What an inspiration they’ve been to all of us, bringing joy, laughter, and good tears deep into our hearts.

As their names reside a big part of many Malaysian households as well as our history, we hereby proudly paying tribute to honor their contribution and legacy towards our country, hence the classic names of each The FRESHMEN pieces.

Join us on this interesting journey together, we bet you won’t regret it! It’s fun, It’s cool, It’s KENIT!