The KENIT Yarn

Exclusively designed by a creative mother of five, our collection is an assembly of tasteful and timelessness style with lasting value fabrics. Making her kids as the biggest muse, our designer incorporates her passion for art, fashion and all beautiful things in between with what her kids love and want to wear.

We believe that kids should be kids and dress comfortably, fit to the weather, age-appropriate, looking cute and pretty in a well-mannered style.

With KENIT, it’s easy to make a big statement despite the minimalists and effortless look cause we bring you only the finest of materials that ensure ultimate comfort yet screams elegance for every kid. It’s truly a luxury for all! Your kids will definitely love it, thanks to you!

The Beginning

As fresh as the name itself, we present you an array of relaxed, clean-cut designs, to introduce our fresh and humble beginning. Highlighting the plaids and checks patterns which are of classic and evergreen value, The FRESHMEN is a basic essential in every kid wardrobes.

Speaking of the inspiration for our very 1st debut, it is none other than the ever prominent icon of Malaysian Film and Music Industry; Allahyarham Tan Sri P.Ramlee and the whole classic clan. What an inspiration they’ve been to all of us, bringing joy, laughter, and good tears deep into our hearts.

As their names reside a big part of many Malaysian households as well as our history, we hereby proudly paying tribute to honor their contribution and legacy towards our country, hence the classic names of each The FRESHMEN pieces.

Join us on this interesting journey together, we bet you won’t regret! It’s fun, It’s cool, It’s KENIT!

Serene and Beautiful

Inspired by the serenity of the beach, OMBAK collection aims to showcase by-the-sea resort wear. Perfect for the summery weather, we maintain lenient silhouettes in our designs, without compromising the quality of the fabrics so kids are free to move around comfortably.

OMBAK exhibits choices for different characters among children. We have the flattering dress for the girly girl or the soft and airy blouse paired with the flare-cut trousers for the jovial ones. Kurta-style shirts are so in these days. That's why we include a variation of the sleeves, in fun colors too; such absolute fashion staple for the boys! To match the handsome tops we have tailored one of the must-have elements in every cool boy comeliness; the long beach pants. Its versatility is undeniable. With cooling color palettes and forgiving fabric choice your kids will look cheerful and of course stylish too.

OMBAK is definitely a keeper. Not just perfect at the beach during holidays, it also fits year-round clothing style and fashion season. Make sure you grab yours now. Till then, let’s hit the beach and let the sea set you free!

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